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Garden Consultancy

A design and/or planting consultation may be all that’s needed to give you some ideas and inspiration to improve your garden. During the consultation we can identify the strengths & weaknesses of your garden, advise on how to make best use of the space, make planting recommendations and give general maintenance and pruning tips.

The cost of the consultancy is £120 for 90 minutes.

Planting Design

If it’s just the planting in your garden that needs overhauling, we’ll visit you at your garden to discuss how you’d like the planting to look, the type of plants you like, what style & colours you prefer, how much time you have for maintenance, etc.

A return visit with the planting plan that will include full details of plant names, number of plants, their position in the garden and a maintenance plan.

We can also source and plant the borders for you if you wish.

Price depends on the size of the garden or borders in question.

Full Design Service

Introductory Visit
This is an opportunity to meet, look at our portfolio of previous projects and discuss the possibility of working together.

If you wish to proceed, the design process works as follows:

(1) Initial Consultation
A relaxed meeting to have a look at your garden, show you examples of previous work and discuss what you want from your garden. This is the beginning of the process of transforming your garden. Don't worry if you're not too sure about what you want, we'll help you to see the possibilities.

(2) Design Proposal
We'll put in writing what we discussed at the initial consultation to summarise what you want from the garden. This will form the ‘brief’ for the design. We’ll also confirm the terms of business and the fee for stages 1 to 4. The brief and costs will be agreed by both parties before any work begins.

(3) The Survey
Once the brief and costs have been agreed, the survey and site appraisal are carried out. The purpose of this is to produce a scaled plan of the existing garden, with levels, to make notes on the attributes of the site and to take soil samples. If a specialist, such as a structural engineer or surveyor, is required, the charge will be at cost plus a small arrangement fee.

(4) The Concept Plan
Based on the brief, survey and site analysis, a scaled design plan is produced for discussion with you. This is the opportunity to make changes, and avoids costly amendments at later stages.

(5) The Master Plan
This drawing incorporates all the information and changes from the previous stages. It shows the new layout and includes samples of materials and sketches where appropriate to help you visualise your new garden.

(6) The Planting Plan
Detailed plans showing the exact position and quantities of plants. The plan is accompanied by a schedule of plants.

(7) Building the Garden
Construction plans and a specification are drawn up to enable contractors to cost and build the garden. We can act as your representative for the build, briefing the contractor and monitoring the build to ensure that the garden is built as you want it.

(8) Ongoing Care and Maintenance
We can provide a maintenance schedule and advise on the ongoing care of the garden to keep it looking good.

Price depends on the size and complexity of the garden.